Multidisiplinary Product Design



High-power LED lights digitally controlled to simulate the diurnal light curve due to the earth's rotation.


Take a 50-Watt LED, control its current vs time with a micro-controller.  Add latitude and longitude.  One can precisely simulate the diurnal light curve (Diurnal-Light ... D-Light, get it?).


Original purpose was to closely simulate tropical solar insolation to provide spawning cues for captive corals.  They grow better with DLights.  However, plants also seem to respond well to the gradual intensity changes of grow lights over those simply (and shockingly) switched on/off.


HERE for a pdf description (a work in progress).


Comming soon (fall of 2020) to an aquarium, and/or hydroponic shop near you.


It's a project at HACKADAYio.



Mobile Contstruction Robot


Basically a 3-D printer that moves itself to new positions and builds on top of what it' has already built. 


Imagine a brick wall, where each brick is fabrcated in place by a printer.  The robot crawls over the lower courses to build the next course of bricks.


It's much more elegant than that, of course!  The bricks are octahedrons (or other platonic solids) and the robot can orient them in 3D space to make curves ... or any shape we can generate with a solid CAD model.  It's essentially fractal construction utilizing g-code and stl files for positon and movement direction.


Original purpose was to build really big structures using a mass of robots working like termites to build a mound.  Each robot just does its one octahedron ... over and over and over .... the only thing that changes is the position/orientation of the polyhedra to each other as construction progresses.


Development uses existing Fused Deposition printer technology and tools, We use PLA and ABS ... but we will eventualy be able to use metals.


Imagine a stainless steel sphere of 1 Km diameter in orbit (our "out there" ultimate goal).


HERE for a pdf description (a work in progress).


Inspired by THIS project.