Multidisiplinary Product Design

About us

Our mission


Our mission is to create ... to apply technology to solve existing and future problems.  Hopefully, before anybody realizes there's a problem.




We are (generally) retired aerospace engineers and a swarm of young(ish) makers/hackers that have a pile of design, engineering, and fabrication tools - along with the experience to use them effectively.  We are a lot cheaper and more innovative than any aerospace contractor.


We are essentially (though not legally) a non-profit (we just want to keep the lights on so we can do more geek-stuff).


We are not above selling the products of our labors, though most of our work is open-source.


Our name implies robotics .... which we do, but that only scratches the surface. 

We did not design this telescope (a Revelation Ritchey-Chretien RC 406/3250 Carbon Truss OTA) ... we just want to put one on a robotic platform on the dark side of the moon.